What Do You Call Your Husband?

I attended the closing ceremony of a programme in a Redeemed Christian Church of GOD recently.In her closing remark,Pastor Mrs.Christiana Omunagbe of Lagos Province 17 said women should not call their husbands by their names.

Omunagbe said it is unafrican to call your husband his name instead you  should call him by a special name instead of screaming his name.It is disrespectful.

She insisted that some people will say people do so abroad but we are Africans.

I tend to support view.My friend's wife call him Segun, even if the guy is accross the road, she will shout Segun!Segun!!
Some people their wives even call them Olori buruku...lol
In Yorubaland, most women address their husbands as 'our daddy'


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