Missing Blogger...

Remembering those days when guys go through a lot, all in a bid to see a babe.No phone, no email, nothing just a small boy in the neighbourhood who is a 'messenger of love'- The boy is familiar with the girl's family because they live on the same street.

All he needed to do was enter their apartment and cough aloud three times..it means 'He is around'...The father who was also a 'rude boy' in his younger days realized that anytime the boy come to their house, he would cough and within few minutes his daughter would disappear.
So one day, 'messenger of love' was sent to do what he knew how to do best. As usual he cough,first time before he could do the second one, the babe father just scream Look if you cough here again,i will ask the land to open and swallow you...lol

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  1. Lool. I wonder wt u diSappeared to do. Anyways, welcome bk. Just be patient, cos it will take a while 4 pipu to know u r bk. All d best!


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