Dbanj,Jennifer Obayuwana +Genevieve

It is stale news that Dbanj is the bang in the life of Polo director, Jennifer Obayuwana. Recently there were reports everywhere that the relationship between the two love birds has packed up. A source however told gistmaster that Jennifer and Dbanj are still cool together. Close pal of the entertainer said, "Jennifer has sacrificed so much for Dbanj. You know physically and materially.They have always been on and off"
    When asked about Genevieve Nnaji's involvement, the source said "Genevieve is just an actress. She is acting her role. Something can be going on between them but it would be suicidal to write that Dbanj will marry Genevieve"

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  1. "...told gistmaster that Jennifer and Dbanj are still cool together" What does that mean? You've managed to post nothing about nothing. Congrats.


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