Iyalode Adunni Bankole friend of reporters is gone

In her life time, Adunni Bankole was a great friend to many society
reporters.Just like everyone on earth, some had reasons to complained
about her but she made her impact felt.She knew almost everyone with
their names and could place a face to it.
When her step-son, Dimeji Bankole was vying for elective post in
Nigeria was the first time in his life,Iyalode used her media
influence to get people to interview him and hear his plans for his
people.Iyalode introduced him to us at Sheraton Hotels, Ikeja shortly
afer a political awards organized by Malik Ibitoye,formerly of
Encomium magazine.
Adunni Bankole died today 3 January 2014,the wedding day of her
second daughter,Mopelola in Lagos..

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