Today's inauguration of Saraki and Dogara as Senate President respectively is a pointer that PDP, which appeared dead (Presents no candidate for key posts in the legislature) is breathing and might recover from its comatose state if APC fails to reconcile the differences among its members....Planted next to Saraki, is the seed of PDP (Ekweremadu), any attempt made by the leaders of APC to uproot Saraki will be welcomed by PDP. 
 PDP has found life again after successfully embedding its' supposed ghost in some APC members, and thus found a voice of representation....mathematically, PDP is @d intersection between Conservative APC and their progressive counterpart (dey wd b Jollying wt wch of d two favors them ...until APC unite, PDP will continue to decide)..
Femi Ajasa writes for Vanguard Newspapers in Nigeria

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