Hello! Union Bank wants to break the Youth market

By Niyi Tabiti

Back in the days, Union Bank pay off "Big, Strong,Reliable" was very exciting to the ears.The adverts was shown regularly on television with the logo of a horse.Union bank was always on the top five best banks in Nigeria.
However, Gistmaster findings show that Union bank management forgot to consolidate on the achievement of the past era by building a vibrant youth segment.The bank is just waking up from slumber to see the value of branding and how to get a good share of the vibrant youth market.
Union Bank has a new message with a beautiful model in old dresses and Afro style hair, "Old generation style, meet new generation vibe.Discover the new ways we are working to serve you better"

When other banks transformed their brand feature to meet with new market demands,Union continue to bank on it old style. 

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