Tonto Dike Fans blast actress Ifeoma Okeke over marital issues

Plus size actress,Ifeoma Okeke got more than she bargained for in the hands of instagram users when she decided to open up on what she knew about Tonto Dike marital problems. 

Ifeoma had asked people to stop talking about Tonto and her husband, Olakunle Churchill problems,yet she went on to narrate so many things the public didn't know about the couple.

 Some Instagram users abused her for doing same thing she preached against.

 Ifeoma posted on instagram that she is angry that Tonto and her husband are enriching bloggers by doing videos on their matrimonial issues.According to her, all of a sudden, everyone is a blogger, everyone has an opinion.
Then,she narrated how Tonto had called her to come to her place, how she saw bruises on her face.

 Ifeoma also said she went through Tonto's phone where she saw her unclad photos with bruises all over. she asked what happened but she lied that she only fell down. 

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