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Shina Peller,wife bagged chieftaincy title

Shina Peller the Chairman of Quilox and Aquila Oil and Gas has been honoured with a chieftaincy title. Peller's wife, Ayobola also became a chief.They were both given the traditional chieftaincy title of Otunba Mayegun and Yeye Otunba Mayegun of Igbobi-sabe in Lagos. So when next you see Shina Peller, know that he is the latest Otunba in town.

Inside Ahmed Indimi,Zahra Buhari's colourful wedding edition by Encomium

Zahra Buhari and Ahmed Indimi's wedding will continue to talk of the town. It is one colourful wedding that got people talking. The wedding was planned to be one of the most flamboyant eyes has seen in the country but Nigeria's President Mohammadu Buhari, father of the bride would not have any of that. Yes, the country is going