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THE latest victim that will leave the Koko Mansion among the remaining eight girls (Kokolette) will be known today as eviction takes place this evening from 5pm on Koko TV, the channel that broadcasts happenings in Koko Mansion. Tension has gripped the girls, Shona, Rita, Elizabeth, Victoria, Chinwe, Chidinma, Bolanle and Rekana already. Uncertainty hangs in the air; every contestant is putting final touches to her game plan to remain in D’banj’s mansion for the remaining four weeks. The dance competition , one of the many tasks the Kokolettes have undertaken since they moved into the mansion last month, was great...Both teams (Blue and Red teams) did very well. It would have been hard to decide which team was going win. But at last, Red team (Chidinma, Rekana, Chinwe, and Lizzy) won. The kokolettes had more than a guest in the mansion this last week. Singer D'jinne was in the house to do what he knows how to do best. The Mamuzee Twins had earlier in the week taught the girls some