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Livin' DAVIDA-Loca

Davida Okparah, the Barrister turned pristine Shirt Maker, has leapt off the edge, breaking every rule with her latest collection - POWELA. The 2004 St. Moritz Style Awards Winner - Davida's vintage shirt-making prowess was put to the test on this collection as she ventured into the unfamiliar territory of dress-making. The shirts are anything but ordinary and mundane. From what I can identify, the collection outlines three major genres; from the sassy office wears which spice up the bland day, the classic shirts, highlighted with a touch feistiness and the demure dresses with the subtle undertones appropraite for the sexy chic. This inimitable collection with its dazzling eye-popping colours, intricate designs and inspiring brilliance; confers upon the style fashonista the right to be FIERCE, FABULOUS AND FLAWLESS. Just View the pictures and let us know what you think. THE OFFICE WEARS THE SHIRTS THE DRESSES So, What do you think?