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Temptations!Angelo,Beverly Deep Kiss In The BBA House Motivated By Alcohol

The moment Beverly and Angelo started getting off balance after consuming more than enough alcohol in the Big Brother Africa house,we knew it was leading some where interesting.Yes, they did...ok they almost did what Bolt did with the Ethopian beauty,Betty.    They almost did what Nando and Selly did too. Immediately the party was over, Angelo and Beverly went upstairs,kissing passionately.We have never seen kisses so deep like this in the house.Feza and Oneal have been concealing the graphic deals of their own, after all, biggie's camera cant capture them as they wrap their faces with bedsheets or towel while kissing.   As Angelo from South Africa got it swinging with Beverly on the bed, she

Big Brother Africa audition in Nigeria to take place March 11 to 14

   Big Brother Africa reality TV show have announced that auditions for shortlisted candidates in Nigeria will take place at Protea Hotel Leadway, Lagos from Monday, March 11 through Thursday 14. For applicants who were unable to enter online or submit the entry at the nearest MultiChoice office, the good news is that there is still an opportunity for them to enter through the open auditions on the same dates, venue and time. Managing Director of M-net, Biola Alabi says, the

Goldie getting married to Prezzo in February-TheNETNG

  Prezzo and Goldie have been almost everywhere together.They have been able to attract so much attention since they started their romance inside the Big Brother Africa star game show some months back. A friend calls it artificial love or artificial romance. Well, we have seen so many artificial romance turning into reality.     Both parted ways as the show was about to end in South Africa.When Prezzo came to Nigeria after the show,he said Goldie was the love of his life and he regretted his actions durning the BBA. At a time, i was very upset with

After sexcapades in BBA Talia says "I am sorry"

 She could not get off Keagan. The emotions was just too much. Talia, the 23 year old former housemate in the Big Brother Africa is finally back home to Zambia. In the interview she granted, the ravishing beauty said she was indeed sorry if she wronged anyone with what she did in the big brother house. Talia and Keagan had sex in the BBA

Talia and Keagan have sex in the Big Brother House

The dramatic romance of Keagan and Talia in the Big Brother Africa star game house went straight to another level this midnight as they both could not resist each other until they had unprotected sex right under the cameras of DSTV beaming accross every part of Africa.Those who missed the action are seriously searching for the video. Click here to see more


The Big Brother Africa 2012 star game show comes to an end this Sunday. Almost everyone have started talking about the likely winner of what is regarded as the biggest reality show on the continent of Africa. Could it be Talia or Prezzo?Click here to read more and predict


just as Prezzo and Goldie's romance have turned history in the BBA star game show,Malonza and Junia took theirs to another level,kissing and touching themselves at every opportunity tonight. watched as Junia from South Africa and Malonza from Kenya rocked themselves on the bed,whispering sweet words of love but in all we didn't see them having sex in the BBA stargame show yet. Junia seems to be giving her all to the romance.Both are excited that their path crossed again after a short interval.Junia was moved to upville and it took sometime before Biggy finally 'promoted'Malonza and other housemates from downville like Wati,Talia,Malonza and the rest to upville. But just as the lovebirds were having the time of their lives on the bed,Janette another housemate bursted in and punctured the happy moment.Janette who was drunk threw something in the direction of malonza and junia.It caused a bit of discomfort and Junia complained.Janette started crying,i


Every romantic moves between Goldie and Prezzo in the Big Brother Africa star game show has been captured from the moment it started.For all we care,they have not really moved so close as to 'justify' their 'relationship'.Besides them sleeping on the bed and gisting, they have not really held each other. Tonight proved to be different!They went just a step


Live report by Niyi Tabiti   Goldie told Big Brother that she is missing Derele Edun her co traveller in the crazy world of entertainment and a VJ with Channel O, she is also missing her friends Gbemi Phillips,Lewis,her boss at Kennis Music,Kenny Ogungbe, Sola,Wale,her brother and others... On whether she has been eating well, Goldie said she has been eating, her appetite depends on the day. I use to weigh 63, now i am


[caption id="attachment_6427" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="Karen Igho"] [/caption] The showdown and dash for the double prize to be won by two Big Brother Amplified contestants is hotting up as the reality TV show gears towards a climax next Sunday. ( See the updated story here- Karen Igho and Wendhall are the winners of Big Brother Amplified)   Today is the last eviction, and ardent viewers are anxiously waiting to see who of the seven nominated housemates bites the dust before the finale – as it seems six will fight it out for the two 200000 (R1,36m) first prizes. Ten contestants are in the house today. The nominated seven, the highest number since the show opened in May, are the house’s cassanova, handsome Lomwe of Malawi, Mzansi’s own cry baby, the erratic and unpredictable Luclay, Ethiopia’s unassuming, shy introvert Hanni, the house’s care-free man-eater Kim from Zambia, the big mouth Kenyan Millicent, the conceited Zimbabwe model


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