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How Senator Isiaka Adeleke met and married his wife,Nike-By Kemi Ashefon

Late Senator Isiaka Adeleke's widow is is Adenike Adeleke 2. She clocked 48 years in February. 3. She is a graduate of Science Technology. 4. She was born of an affluent father, Chief Ahmed Omidina, who was an astute cocoa merchant. 5. Her mother is from Delta State. 6 She was born and bred in Oshogbo. 7. She owns a fabric shop in Abuja, Crystal Fabrics. 8. She met her husband, the late Adeleke aka Serubawon in 1991. She recalled: “I met him in 1991, when I was a 21-year-old. Though I had met him earlier in 1987, there was nothing happening between us. By the time he just came back from the United States of America, I was in Oshogbo and met him at a friend’s place. Then, it was one of these festive periods and he saw me and asked me out. But I fled. I was afraid that he was older than me! But he did not give up and gradually, I was attracted to his good nature and by 2000, we got married.” 9. Of her late husband, she said, “I am very lucky to have married a m