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My Photo Bank #Ilovemycanon

A local refuse collector captured from the lense of my Canon in 2014.He was very excited and proud of his work.-Photo:Niyi Tabiti A friend once told me why she like posting photos on Facebook.She said when her laptop crashed and she lost her phone, the only place she could get her old pictures was on Facebook.The samething with blogger.   I snapped this roadside vendor of TV remote control in Ikeja,Lagos.  You get to see most of your works such as articles and photos from way back because unlike your laptop, blogspot can not crash without adequate notice to users. So i am going to keep some of them here too for posterity.My canon camera is fantastic!Easy capture,good images, especially if you know how to handle the settings.  The resolution has been reduced.You can steal images but respect yourself,!  I captured this newspaper vendor at Ogba in Lagos. Photo of the talking drummer baba onilu i captured inside Liberty Stadium,Ibadan Oyo State in 2014