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Tony Elumelu Foundation and Oppenheimer family launch Book on Africans Investing in Africa

CAPE TOWN – Two of Africa’s most prominent foundations – the Nigeria-based Tony Elumelu Foundation and the Oppenheimer family’s Brenthurst Foundation of South Africa – launched an important new book titled “Africans Investing in Africa” on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum Africa meeting in Cape Town. The 338-page book covers a range of important topics critical to Africa’s development. It provides a unique perspective of how Africans are leading the way through intra-African trade and investment, documenting how, where and why Africans invest across the continent.  The book also identifies the economic, political and social experiences that hinder or stimulate


With amazing vocal talents and unusual hard work, Darey Art Alade sure knows how to bring good music to the table. And with matchless and interpretative videos, he not only drives home his point, but also wins the hearts of Fans and Critics inside and outside Nigeria . So it is no surprise that his new video ‘No stars’ is winning critical acclaim while the fans are doling out unanimous thumbs up. ‘No stars’ is a brilliant video’ Solomon Shonaiya, COO of Soul Muzik says. ‘it is a sequel to his hit single ‘Not the girl’. The video should continue from where ‘Not the girl stopped, and that is what we have done’ No Stars is the fourth track on Darey’s album ‘Un.DAREY.ted’. The cut comes immediately after the hit single ‘Not the girl’. Darey explains ‘I had always had it on mind for ‘No stars’ to follow ‘Not the girl’, when the songs were being written which is why it comes immediately after ‘Not the girl’ on the album, I t just captures the whole picture of Darey after break up. If ‘Not th