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Reported by Niyi Tabiti Wherever and whenever the success of the most remarkable electoral victory in the world (Barak Obama’s American presidential bid) surfaced in political history, the name-Oprah Winfrey would come up as one of the greatest influences of the period. Millions of people around the world hold Oprah in great awe because of the positive impacts she has been making through her lively and thought provoking television show. In a place like Nigeria, someone like Oprah would ordinarily be classified as a mere TV presenter or better still an entertainer but in reality she is a role model celebrity. How far can our celebrities go to be genuine inspirations for positive socio-economy and political change in our nation? When it comes to political issue, do people take television personalities with so much seriousness? Today in Nigeria, there are women who have indeed carved a niche for themselves with their commendable talk shows. Funmi Iyanda, Mosunmola (Mo) Abudu, Lola Oduba,