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Happy Sunday to you all

Happy  Sunday to all our co-travelers in the Gistmaster Plane!What good?We have so much to talk about products,latest news,events and IT solutions. Thanks for sharing with us.

See my Canon Camera 60D Photos from Agunge 2017

Here are some of the photos I took at Agunge, Port Novo in Republic of Benin.It was such a wonderful trip from Nigeria. Badagry in Nigeria to Seme took some minutes.At the border, there was little or no challenges at all.You can see my news blog here   I went to the other side of the river when i got to the first Celestial Church of Christ in the world.It started in 1947 after the Late Pa SBJ Oshoffa received the call to start his own ministry. A man paddling his 'Cargo' boat in Agunge in Port Novo


By Niyi Tabiti Naeto C is unarguably one of the best rappers Nigeria ever produced. Despite his privileged background, Naeto said it has not affected the way he sees life. "I am focused on doing my own thing,creating legacy for myself in the entertainment industry"    Naeto’s mum was a federal minister of Transport. She was later appointed minister of Aviation durning President Olusegun Obasanjo’s tenure. She was also Nigeria Ambassador to Ireland before coming back home to serve as National Woman leader of the People Democratic Party (PDP).    Just last week we set up a meeting on his forthcoming album.As usual,Naeto was punctual to the meeting point at Rhapsody, Ikeja City Mall .Time was 5 pm. He was wearing this well tailored native attire.No piercing,no tattoo and no sagging.He knew what i meant when i said he is 'normal' unlike most hip hop artists who have pierced their ears,customised

Reporter's Diary:Confidomania of Iyanya

 By Niyi Tabiti  In the last two years, i must say that the Nigerian entertainment industry has done so well. Before now, the millionaires in the industry were traditional singers who got sprayed with Naira notes at events.   King Sunny Ade,Oliver de conque,Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and others topped the list.These days almost all musicians with hit songs have a fat account in the bank!Thank God for major brands,who sees entertainment as a tool in propagating the gospel of their goods and services.   Right now, one of the hottest musicians in Nigeria is Iyanya Mbuk. I am one of those who was not surprised about the overwhelming success recorded by the artiste within a short period of time. I was there when he won MTN project fame.I was also there durning the golden moment of his album launch at Ultima Studios,Omole.Iyanya was always in company of a friend, Azuka Ogujuiba of Thisday Newspapers.This was when he was not popular but Azuka was helping him get access into events. On

The Mystery Gunman by Justice Kayode Eso

In 1995 i read 'the mystery gunman' a masterpiece written by Justice Kayode Eso. First, i read the excerpt published by the Guardian newspaper that year. Eso wrote about a case that came before him when he was a magistrate in the 60s. A mys tery gunman had invaded the radio house in Ibadan.The people of the western region were waiting for a very important broadcast by the premier,Mr. Ladoke Akintola.     Security men surrounded the radio station but it was only a gimmick.The Premier already prepared a recorded speech that would be broadcast that day. When it

Niyi Tabiti:One 'small' girl in my neighbourhood

  It wasnt long that i moved into this neighbourhood that i noticed her. She was always passing in front of my house.Trust me, my eyes doesnt rove that much but its good to appreaciate when you see good things of life.   However, in this case there was no reason for me to even look because she was about 15 years! What is this world turning into?Its so funny i noticed that anytime she sees me, she would suddenly start singing 'Celine Dion'....'Every night in my dreams, i see you, i feel heart will always go on...! The other day, i was shocked when my friend's daughter was looking at pictures on my laptop. She said 'Uncle Niyi, i have a crush on Darey (pointing ar Darey Art Alade's) picture!How old is this girl?  Technology is changing even the ways kids think and talk.Are you not amazed at the way children talk these days.  Cheers, We have moved.Don't forget,we have moved our news, entertainment and business blog updates to niyitabit


 By Niyi Tabiti  People have different views and relationships with others but as for me,I can celebrate Charly Boy on and on without a coma,not even a full stop for 24 hours.I know some people will not like this for obvious reasons but it would be 'worse' if i don't say it at all.If your own opinion is different, take time to write it .   A collegue attacked me some years ago because


 Should the man always come from behind,should the woman come from behind too, just how should couple do it?Should the couple do it from the side?I need a wise judgement here.


I heard one of the funniest things in my life on radio this morning.I was listening to a radio programme on my way to keep an appointment this morning.Yes,i remember, the programme is called talk naija.The presenter said repeatedly that University of Ife was re-named


 By Niyi Tabiti  Not all children born in London are westernised.Femi Kuti is one of them. The undisputable king of afrobeat in Nigeria is 50 and many people are excited. He is well rooted in african traditional worship and you can't catch him wearing suit,shirt or tie. I got a phone call durning the week from a close aide of the Grammy Awards three time nominated artiste that there is a line up of activities to celebrate Femi Kuti as he turned 50 on June 16.   Femi is the first son and the second child of the late legendary King of afrobeat music, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Fela was a


        From experience in covering events through the years i realised that the Lagos crowd are just as crazy as their counterparts in the western world. They can go a step, another step and just another step to excite you.Thanks to several event organizers who have been making sure that there

Nigeria-Three Weeks,Three Public Holidays

It is raining season here in Nigeria.We are enjoying the cool breeze and the rain except for the bad roads and water flow which is making movement a bit difficult. Some people have to relocate from their houses because raining season is usually a difficult period for them.Their homes are usually turned into 'emergency' swimming pool. In Lagos,areas mostly affected are usually part of ikorodu,Ijora Badia and so on. These people need more government attention. Between now and June 12,Nigerians would observe three public holidays. First would be on May 27 known as children's day.Yes,it fell on Sunday, a work free day but the public holiday will be observed by children on Monday May 28.The following day will be a general public holiday-May 29 will be declared as work free day because the government named it democracy day.Remember 29 May 1999 was the day democracy returned to Nigeria after many years of civil rule. However,Lagos State government will declare June 12 as a


Someone  asked me questions some days back regarding the rift between Don Jazzy and Dbanj. He said the Nigerian media have helped the Mo Hits crew in making millions of dollars. I agree that the media have been active partners in the hype of the two UK returnees who later became the favourite of music fans within and outside the country. Gistmaster broke the story of their rift when the two decided to go their seperate ways. "Niyi, if i want to believe the latest news in town, Don Jazzy and Dbanj lived in a rented apartment, despite all the millions they have been making from endorsements, performance and albums?"  "They have both moved their things out of the apartment! If the house belonged to the two of them or to one, both would have not moved out. Buying cars and living the life of a superman is good but these guys should check out their American Idols, they buy good houses in the property market.That is even going too far,Don Jazzy and Dbanj should emulate


  By Niyi Tabiti   I was close to tears when i heard the breaking news of Whitney Houston's death .Whitney who died at Beverly Hilton Hotel in California was one of the most respected female singers of her time. She had a role model figure. Younger people wanted to be like her. She was famous, fashionable and was swimming in fortune.     Everyone was shocked when she got married to Bobby Brown in


By Niyi Tabiti There is no doubt that Blackberry phones are in hot demand in Nigeria. Fashion is not complete without it. I am sure you guys know that that every chic in naija especially in Lagos want to use BB. They are addicted to pinging. Good. BB has a lot of facilities that make it easy for people to connect.It  has high resolution cameras and the BB messenger for easy messaging. But the level of obesseion, plus how far girls can go to get a BB, especially the expensive ones such as Black berry Tourch and Porche is alarming. I was chatting with a collegue the other day and he said "The madness to get one of the luxury item has driven many girls into several immoral acts" Thats the truth, he insisted. He disclosed that many girls on campus want to use BB by force. I guess Research in Motion the company producing the phone should produce another one "BB by Force"- most of the girls have been sleeping around just because they want to use BB,the


By Niyi Tabiti Pre-2008 was a period when little attention was given to style in Nigeria movie industry. Gistmaster brought so much focus on that aspect because glamour is the wheel balance of a true celebrity. So proud that and other bloggers gave it a try and it worked. We can say that has helped our stars get their wardrobe right though some still make avoidable mistakes. Then, Ini Edo was always the worst hit of commenters. ( click here to see voters comments on best dressed actress in nollywood ) . For the first time , Gistmaster decided that it was time to recognize 'Miss Stylish' in Nollywood. Most of our readers and celebrities that voted said Rita Dominic deserved it and we had no choice.( Click here to see the party we hosted in honour of Rita Dominic at Swe Bar Ini Edo is one of the sexiest in nollywood and now she is ranking high on the most fashionable list. Congrats to the stylist who is doing a great job.  Kate..hmmm... always looking young and sex


 By Niyi Tabiti   On Oba Akran,Ikeja I almost cried when i saw the way some guys selling fan milk products were treated by men of Lagos task force.Some of them were almost crushed to death by cars as the officers pursued them, they left their things behind.  I was moved to tears because i know that hawking inside the sun is a tedious task, running after vehicles in traffic to convince people to buy is another difficult task,the small gain from sales is not even enough for them to live the desirable life, now some people who can not provide good jobs or affordable retail store for these guys are destroying it.Now,some disgruntled elements after seizing the products will take them home.   What is the future for these guys who have no one to support them. Government should realise that the best weapon to fight against crime is not by importing sophisticated weapons, it starts here by making sure citizens can do something, earn a living under good condition.  Well, it is bad as many peo


Hello Mr.Niyi,  I am a regular reader of gistmaster. Please help me with contacts of a sugar mummy. I need her to assist me pay my school fees and i will also pay her back in kind. Thanks, L (real name withheld) 08168851126 Gistmaster response: Thanks L,what we do here is far from helping people get sugar mummy.I think you should look deep inside yourself and see what you can to make money legitimately rather than engaging older women in marathon s.... for money. Try barbing part time, ushering part time or loan a small capital from a friend or uncle to start a small buying and selling business on the side.  Cheers, Niyi


  I usually get loads of emails from readers, now it would be easy for readers to get answers to most of their questions on the entertainment, lifestyle, tourism, events, weddings etc here. Letters that won't be published are those that the sender request to be treated as private.


By Niyi Tabiti   On my way to Abuja recently, I got a seat right beside the former managing director of Genesis Deluxe Cinema,Lekki,Mr.Keneth Mkparu.   For about one hour that we spent on air, I engaged him in a discussion over the state of Nigeria movie it film industry or Nollywood if you like.   We both agreed that there is a revolution taking place in the industry right now. something is gradually pushing Nollywood to the much expected level.  Now, producers are getting it right to a large extent that they need to spend good money to produce the movies, do adequate research or conference on scripts, proper editing, and most importantly, make it a standard production for cinema.Now before the movies hit the market or get pirated by some good for nothing people,it would have made impact and some good money from the cinema.   In this light, the contributions of the fore bearers of this new trend can not be under estimated.   Kunle Afolayan's Fingurine for instance