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The executive governor of Ogun State Mr. Ibikunle Amosu got the biggest shock of his life from Pastor E.A Adeboye durning the Friday night service of the 59th annual convention of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).  Adeboye had already started the sermon when he noticed the arrival of Gov Amosu. He promptly announced the entry of Amosu,the man he described as his landlord (The RCCG Camp is located in Ogun State).    Adeboye later told the audience that he would do what he has never done before by stopping in the middle of the sermon so that Amosu can have the privilege of addressing the worshipers. Those in the know told gistmaster that this is indeed a rare privilege.Not even Presidents who had been to past editions have had that kind of privilege.  Amosu who addressed the RCCG crowd for few minutes said he was indeed happy with the way GOD has been working mightily in the church using Pastor Adeboye as a point of contact. He said that the crowd is so much, even with securi


Live at the Redeemed Camp for the 59th annual Holy Ghost Convention. Everywhere was packed full, so much you'd think that the whole world was there.   Pastor E.A Adeboye, proudly supported by other anointed men of GOD like Pastor JT Kalejaiye touched us with their ministrations.  It was child birth galore for expectant mothers. So far at the 59th Holy Ghost convention of RCCG which started on Monday, Pastor Adeboye announced that a total of 37 Boys and 43 girls have been delivered. He made the announcement on Friday 12 August. More babies are on the way.   Adeboye also announced that for those trusting the Lord for the fruit of the womb,they should not miss the September edition of the monthly Holy Ghost congress (first Friday of every month) Pastor Folu Adeboye on her part asked Nigerians to pray against civil war in the country. She said Nigerians should also pray for socio-economic and political progress of the country . -By Niyi Tabiti Related Adeboye Obasanjo's we