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American Immigration insert chip inside my body to monitor my life- Nigerian deported

A nigerian Mr.Jacob Ajomale, tells  ADEOLA BALOGUN  of Punch newspapers how he was tortured by American immigration officers and how a chip was inserted in his body Did you enter America with valid papers? I entered the US with a valid passport and a valid visa. I was invited by a church, Mountain of Peace C and S Church, Washington,  for a musical workshop and it lasted for three months. Six of us went on the trip and after the workshop, the visa expired after six months and I didn’t know anything about the immigration stuff in America. I didn’t know I would need social security and other papers. I lost my status and that was the beginning of my problem in America. But it was reported that you entered the US with forged papers. No, that is not true. I entered America first with valid papers. I was given the visa on March 13 and I left Nigeria on April 11 and got to America on April 12 1997. I want them to check the record; I got there legally with a visiting visa but it