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[caption id="attachment_3448" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="Nina, Ola and Anis"] [/caption] ...As Audu goes missing in action Two contestants with the lowest votes were evicted at last Thursday’s result show on Nigerian Idol. The two contestants Nina and Ola were part of the contestants the audience voted in during the top 50 phase. While Ola made it to the final stage during the first group, Nina was the contestant with the highest votes in the fourth group.  But the Idol journey came to an end for both last Thursday as they recorded the lowest fan votes. After their eviction was announced, the audience was treated to a recap of their journey so far, and it was an emotional experience for the judges and the contestants. Infact Bibi and George couldn’t hold the tears. “It’s a tough decision to make, but if I had my way, I’d send Yeka Onka parking without looking back ”. Yinka Davies said right before Anis announced Nina and Ola as the