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Yvonne Nwosu Covers Tribe and Elan magazine Latest Issue

In the summery/ rainy month of July , we are all about the fresh and fierce     popular fashion designer-   Yvonne Nwosu   behind the brand -   Vonne Couture . With a     design style can comfortably be termed as "different”,   Vonne     is one of many Nigerian fashion designers who has become increasingly popular on social media .Hence in this edition, we unveil the lady behind the “dare” by telling it all in   20 Things You don’t Know About Yvonne Nwosu   .  With the increasing rate of celebrity home troubles and recent scandals this season , our relationship expert gives us an insight on  why Married Couple Engage in Affairs  while new on the block, we have renowned dermatologist and wellness expert –  Dr Vivian Oputa  spilling on how to attain that