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The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Elkris Group, Dr. Elliott Scott Omose, has observed that public healthcare management in most African countries remained poor and ineffective due to the faulty service delivery model and structure that governments and decision makers adopt.  He said for the teeming poor and vulnerable population in the continent to really enjoy accessible public healthcare, the current structural loophole with universal health coverage in Africa with the glaring absence of Basic, Accessible and Affordable (BAA) healthcare at primary level must be fixed. Dr. Omose, who is also the Founder of PreDiagnosis International, an innovative public healthcare management non-profit organisation with footholds in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Gambia and a few other African Countries, spoke with media correspondents in Lagos, Nigeria over the weekend. He said Africa remained poor in terms of provision of Universal health coverage which, according to the United Nations, “means th

CBN Deputy Governor, Aishah Ahmad not under arrest

Sources close to the Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Aisha Ahmad have denied insinuations in some quarters that she is under arrest  In light of the ongoing investigation  into the activities of the Godwin Emefiele led  Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as instructed by President Tinubu,  all senior officials of the Central bank have been interrogated by the DSS and the appointed special investigator. The deputy governors are not exempt from this exercise and have all been called upon to provide essential information at different points in time. It is important to emphasize that this is standard procedure aimed at assisting the ongoing probe.  In a phone conversation with a close family member of the deputy governor FSS who is not authorised to speak on this matter, it was confirmed and clarified that the Deputy Governor is safe and sound. "I wish to reassure everyone that Aishah Ahmad is home with her family and not detained by the DSS, she is safe and sound."

CBN investigations, alleged financial crimes and smear campaigns!

Twitter has been agog of recent with allegations and counter allegations of alleged financial crimes by the senior echelon of the Central Bank of Nigeria. This is all a fallout of the ongoing investigations by the DSS and a special investigator to probe the CBN under Godwin Emefiele as ordered by President Tinubu. Obviously this will mean  deep probe into most if not all activites as carried out by the officials of the bank in the regular course of their work. What I however find most intriguing is the smear campaigns. It would seem we humans are our own worst enemy! Social media armies have now taken over the blogosphere with claims and counter claims. Firstly, when the DG Economic policy, Kingsley Obiora was detained for investigation an army in his defence began to claim as the only Economist on the team his detention was tribal ..afterall as they claimed the other Deputy Governors were less qualified as if this also absolves him or them of any infractions! It has now become a game