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Jovago, AIG gets $84 million investment in new funding round, one of Africa's leading hotel booking website, and AXA, a worldwide leader in Insurance and Asset management announced today a partnership to develop the expansion of Jovago in a new round of funding aimed at boosting its activities in Africa. This would further ensure the expansion of the business and strengthen the brand in major cities across Africa and Asia. AXA as a major investor confirms Jovago’s strategy to

4 ways to have a wonderful time at a hotel

At the reception, the delectable receptionist welcomes you with a charming smile, she ask few questions, gives you the key to your and ushers you off to your room with that brief courtesy. For the moment, her job is done and the sole responsibility on how


Marek Zmyslowski, the co-founder and managing director of, Africa's largest hotel booking portal has provided seed capital as initial investments in Nigeria's first  online retailer of audio books. Marek who is also bringing his extensive experience of over 8 years in the cyber market place will

How to protect your digital camera from damage through weather conditions

Hello, here is how to Protect your digital camera from damage through weather conditions.   One of the best parts of visiting a new destination is capturing the beautiful scenery in pictures, and usually you do that with a camera. Although most phones and tech gadgets have this facility, they may not give the best quality of images and can easily run out of battery power; which is why many people carry a spare camera with them. However, the truth is that no matter what camera you use, there is a chance you may encounter a few traditional challenges, the