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Will you buy Flying car like Google Co-Founder, Larry Page?

I was reading a piece posted on the news page of yahoo. It was a feature on the test driving of a flying car by Larry Page. Will you buy a flying car like that of Google co-founder,Larry  Page.I hope there will be restriction on areas where people can flying their cars! Here is the article below Kitty Hawk, the mysterious flying-car startup backed by Alphabet CEO Larry Page, has finally launched, and it says its first vehicle will be available by the end of this year. 


Larry Page and Sergey Brin- Google Founders IT companies and technology entrepreneurs in Nigeria have been provided the opportunity to become authorized resellers of Google Nigeria. This announcement was made by the Business Development Manager for English speaking West Africa, Mrs Lola Masha. According to Google Nigeria, as authorized resellers, IT entrepreneurs will be able to sell, customize and provide technical support services for Google Apps for businesses.This opportunity provided by Google Nigeria will ensure that young IT entrepreneurs in Nigeria will create new streams of revenue for their businesses as well as become promoters of cloud computing in Nigeria. Lola Masha explained, “Google is looking to partner with upwardly mobile IT companies and entrepreneurs with a passion for technology and a strong interest in evangelizing IT solutions to Nigerian businesses. Cloud computing solutions make collaboration and information sharing easy, helping people conn


Story & Photo by Niyi Tabiti Chief Reporter I remember when I took a decision to start Nigeria's first daily celebrity & photo news online.I have not gotten there yet but when i look back now, I am grateful to my creator that I followed my dream.Later in life, I wish to write a book 'How a workshop got me into trouble'. Let me tell you a little from it.I had been nursing the ambition to resign my job and start off the online stuff.I was already addicted to reading stories of celebrities online.It was so regular that when you want to know the latest report on an American or British star you can click on the news button on google.It was so simple.I just told myself that someone has to do it in Nigeria.Sometimes,when I wanted to do research on Nigerian stars,what you get are old pictures and stories.I told myself that must change.Rarely do we get stories or details on hangouts in Nigeria.In fact,most of them don't even have a website.I told myself that