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How Senator Isiaka Adeleke met and married his wife,Nike-By Kemi Ashefon

Late Senator Isiaka Adeleke's widow is is Adenike Adeleke 2. She clocked 48 years in February. 3. She is a graduate of Science Technology. 4. She was born of an affluent father, Chief Ahmed Omidina, who was an astute cocoa merchant. 5. Her mother is from Delta State. 6 She was born and bred in Oshogbo. 7. She owns a fabric shop in Abuja, Crystal Fabrics. 8. She met her husband, the late Adeleke aka Serubawon in 1991. She recalled: “I met him in 1991, when I was a 21-year-old. Though I had met him earlier in 1987, there was nothing happening between us. By the time he just came back from the United States of America, I was in Oshogbo and met him at a friend’s place. Then, it was one of these festive periods and he saw me and asked me out. But I fled. I was afraid that he was older than me! But he did not give up and gradually, I was attracted to his good nature and by 2000, we got married.” 9. Of her late husband, she said, “I am very lucky to have married a m

How Davido's Uncle and B-Red's father Senator Adeleke died

  News of the death of Davido's uncle and B-Red’s father, Senator Adeleke shocked many people this morning.  Family sources disclosed that the politician popularly known as Serubawon died of heart attack. However, some of the followers of Adeleke alleged that the cause of his death is mysterious. The said, the senator’s death is not natural.    Sen. Adeleke died at the age of 62 at Bikets Hospital in Osogbo, the