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Today, i got 14 text messages and numerous calls because of this blog.Thank you... we are two weeks old today.It calls for celebration or what do you think.5 calls from Nigeria,3 from England,1 from United States and another from Switzerland.
I thank those who feel that we are not good in the area of puntuation...Abeg,this is a website by a small boy who is even without a paid job.We have to be fast about the little time wey we dey buy for cafe. i no sabi English,afterall English no be my mama language o.I thank those that have been commending us.We know what we doing and now i have a bigger picture of where i want to be with the intern et.If you have anything to help us out abeg make you tell us o!
A lady called me from England and i was very impressed because she was very civil.She reacted to Tunmise Adekunle's story.She told me that contrary to what we heared that the reporter died four days after he arrived from England.She said the guy left arrived Nigeria on 28 December 2007 and he died on 11 January 2008.Thank you so much for the approach.Sh told me thaey were together in Britain before the unfortunate incident.
We listen to right people.When someone complained about Late Tunmise's pics,we removed it.When someone told me she needed more pictures,i made sure that they are on the blog.
To my brother who wants to learn punctuation from this blog,abeg go back to English class,i no be Wole Soyinka...this is a blog and the purpose is to reach the audience...celebrity journalism has its own style.People who writes such comments are usually hypocrites who are not in anyway better.This is a blog,it is even meant to be in 'shorthand'
Read story,look picture let continue to enjoy.I got one of the culprits of the bad comments on the blog...the person is even my friend and he works day i would tell the dark dude that no matter the situation we shall get there.May walk and never stumble,if you are a 'carriable' soul then marry the ponmo and let the 'songito' give us the woro and let the palmwine flow.The blog is two weeks.Thank you for encouraging me and i promise that i am going to be building a team to help me out soon.
Someone promised to send me a laptop whenever the opportunity arises.Someone also promised to send N5000 to help us.A bank is already showing interest and i believe by then there would be enough resources to do all thjis work with many people.For now,it is only your brother that is doing the whole stuff.
Thank you!
If you have advert please do tell me


  1. Hi Niyi, this isn't a diss but please read through your posts for grammatical errors before posting. Your a journalist, so it doesn't tell well of you.
    I appreciate your hard work but i'd be lying if i said i'm appalled at the NUMEROUS grammatical errors you make in ALL your posts.
    For instance, the word, feedback, has no plural.
    Please take corrections. Take care.

    *Hi Niyi, this isn't a diss but please read through your posts for grammatical errors before posting. You are a journalist, so it doesn't tell well of you.
    I appreciate your hard work but i'd be lying if i say i'm not appalled at the NUMEROUS grammatical errors you make in ALL your posts.
    For instance, the word, feedback, has no plural.
    Please take corrections. Take care.

    Ignore my first post, as there are a few grammatical errors in them. Since i can't delete it, i had to write another one to correct my earlier mistakes.

  3. Write in Yoruba then! Why do you insist on writing in the English language? As you said, it is not your first language.

  4. I started reading your blog after Linda Ikeji put a link on her blog.

    Its really good work you're doing brother!

    But please i beg, you really need to correct those grammatical errors. Stop pretending that someone out there is trying to put you down. It's called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. All the readers of this blog are not BLIND now!

    How do you intend to edit a printed magazine if you intend to continue this way. The standard will be very low and it will be a disaster. You need to step up your game if you want to be successful in that business.

    Keep up the good work. You will succeed.

    Bose, London

  5. At least do not say you are from Nigeria, we have enough bad press as it is. If anybody from my university sees this, they will begin to question my Nigerian education.

  6. Niyi dey try hard o!

  7. "May you walk and never stumble,if you are a 'carriable' soul then marry the ponmo and let the 'songito' give us the woro and let the palmwine flow"

    I can see you are member of the fellowship of the Palm tree (Kegite)

  8. Dude, I just read tru ur blog

    I see what your tryna do and its a good idea but if you wanna be a gossip columnist/blogger u have to be able to take critism. You cant diss people back esp if there telling you the truth no matter how harsh it sounds.
    Other blogs can coz there not tryna selling anything.
    But ur marketing yourself, your the product Niyi so self your well coz u need these peeps.Rule one in marketing,
    English is ur official lang dude and ur blogging in it, if u want us to buy into you u have be legible and make sense. Imma be honest witchu I didnt get the twins story at all! I get paid for this shit so I wunt give anymore free advice:)

    Heads up doe, check out Perez Hilton blog I suspect thats what you have in mind.

    And oh yeah if ur mad at me for this, be mad after all its just my opinion it shdnt count :)

  9. A journalist should be able to take criticisms. A word of advise never insult your audience, cos u need them on ur way up. There are other bloggers out there doing a fab job, please proof read before posting, punctuate and correct every grammatical errors, otherwise please write in Yoruba.

    You cant assume everyone critising you are your friends or want your downfall, I dont know who u r I only stumbled on this blog from bellanaijas site, I reside in the UK, so am definitely glad someone is providing us with information about naija.

    Its okay to abbreviate or use acronyms if u want to, just ensure the story makes sense and u correct all errors.

    NB..English is Nigerias first language, please strive to be the best in all u do.

  10. English is not Nigeria's first language but official language.

    Enough said....

  11. Niyi is just a bushmo. how do you want him to learn the english language at such an old age? Even if he goes to Keke Napep or whatever its called he is way too old to grab it. let him employ an editor because theres no way he can get it at this old age. KPOM!


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