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[caption id="attachment_5361" align="alignleft" width="333" caption="Brian Hammond & Solape Agagu on their wedding day"][/caption]

Solape the first daughter of ex governor Agagu of ondo state is married. She wedded Brian hammond, younger brother of Cecil hammond May 2011.
Solape is 33 and a consultant while Brian is 31 and an engineer in a private firm. They were introduced together by Paula,Kojo Annan's ex who's also Brian's sister and solape's friend.
One of those that attended the wedding disclosed to that the ceremony was devoid of unnecessary display of opulence and extravagance. " It has nothing to show it's wedding of an ex governor's daughter. Just a regular posh wedding"

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  1. The picture shows the lady is more matured. Obviously a case of the lady desperate for marriage! Their outfits are also too simple for their status. Wish them happiness in marriage.

  2. The guy looks younger truly.

  3. haters!!! just bcoz the lady is 2 yrs older u talk negatively, just bcoz she is putting on a "simple' dress u point out issues. at the end of the day the guy loved the lady and married her not you or any other person, how many ladies go out with younger men in secret????? stop this mentally that the man shld always be older, infact it is good that both partners age difference be not more than 5 years regardless of who is older... what if the man was 70 and the lady 20 would u comment the same??? eiissh they look lovely and i know you haters envy the love here.

  4. Hey Sally, take it easy! It's their opinion and truly a wife being older isn't common in Nigeria. Even the lovers of the couple will talk about the age difference. As per their outfits, they should be glad people expect more glamour from them!

  5. thank you! haters!
    i love her wedding dress! simply gorgeous

  6. nobody talked when prince william married someone older than him
    but because this one is naija.. we no go hear! hiss

  7. @anon 11.22, you shouldn't compare the British to Nigerians. Moreso, Kate was just 5 months older than prince Williams not 2 years! Then the bride is Yoruba not Isobo like the groom and Yorubas can talk! Her dress is just ok and his suit should've been either gray or black. That blue makes him look even younger. Oya, am waiting for the attack...

  8. Lol at the comments! Brian sef get liver o, at barely 30 and married to his egbon's friend. Why the rush on his side? Probaby a pregnancy... Hahahahahaha...

  9. I totally agree with you Sally.
    I have come to the conclusion that most Nigerians are envious and haters.
    So what if the bride is older than the groom. The point remains that they are truly Happy and love one another. There are people who are of the same age or the bridegroom is older than the bride and things don't work out or they find out they are not happy with one another.

    Abeg, people should leave them alone. Am happy for Solape and Brien and wish all the best.

    Ignore all these HATERS!!!

  10. yeah d grey suit s not good on d guy...something black wld have been nice and more matured for him and for d bride's dress, guess she wanted something that she could wear for dinner after her wedding..there's no point spending so much for a 1 day event dress that u wl not wear again....i regret not doing this when i got married @ least this wl make a good evening dress or something

  11. Wow! Nigerians are such haters. There are many Nigerian men married to older women but how would you know because its not announced. I know of at least 2 governors whose wives are older. Nigerians are so bitchy and hateful and they never look for good things. Constantly negative and full of attack but I put it down to self hate. If you don't love yourself how can you love others. That country will always be dominated and robbed by foreigners. Nigerians don't even own their own companies it belongs to Indians, Lebanese, South Africans and the British because you are all too busy hating on each other to build as a team and progress. May ignorance continue to reign in that country.

  12. Don't know why Nigerians are so ignorant and closed minded and full of so much negativity and bitternes. Why can't you just wish her well? So what if she's 33? That doesn't make her desperate. Not everyone will get married and 23 and besides, her marriage will even be better than those that supposedly rushed into it early. Just learn to be happy for people and not be a crab by pulling others down to make your bitter and sufferhead heart feel better. Nigerians can never move forward if they don't stop pulling each other down and that's a fact.

  13. @Wow and Toluwalase, this is Africa and a man is always seen as the head of the home, with his age etc. If it is otherwise, tongues will wag and that doesnt make people who comment hateful or bitchy. You can see that no couple that the wife is older will publicly declare it in Nigeria. Their ages stem out from family and friends. So stop being overly defensive of Brian and Solape. Of course, Solape being 33 made her agree to marry him-she wouldnt have if she was 25. And that may not make their marriage last!!!

  14. My dear, you can always convert your weddng gown to another style. You'l like it more if it s not ice white. Guessing the bride and groom got the idea of their outfits from Cecil and Keke's wedding, but didnt fit into theirs as that was an island wedding.

  15. @gistmaster "Paula is the ex of Kojo Annan, but is also Brian's sister and Solape's friend"? I have heard about sensationalism, but really, isn't she Brian's sister and Solape's friend first? Why the need to link her with Kojo? The writing style on this page is quite distasteful, to say the least. But I digress.

    I believe that people are entitled to their opinions, but what's disturbing is that most people that have expressed an opinion here don't know the couple personally, haven't spent any time in their company, have absolutely no insight as to the reasons why they chose to spend the rest of their lives together. But they are quick to bring stereotypes to bear to assess their... wedding? As they have been married for less than a month! I guess it's because we hold on to those stereotypes and outdated notions that it makes it more difficult for some couples to move on with their marriages and just be happy. What makes a man mature is not his age, but his disposition and outlook. Which is why a man can be 10 years older than his wife, but be extremely childish in his comportment, while another man can be 5 years younger than his wife, but by his attitude and behaviour, no one would be able to tell. And in some other cases, the reverse would be the case. You are right, if she was 25, she may not have decided to marry him, but that would have nothing to do with desperation, it's just that at certain ages, the age difference matters less. For example, would (or maybe should) a man that is 25 years old marry a 15 year old girl (unless he's really depraved)? Definitely not! But a 35 year old man and a 25 year old woman (same age difference)? Most definitely yes. If she was older than him but looked a lot younger (and this picture doesn't do either of them justice) would we be advising on the "colours" they should wear to look older or younger? It's clear that this couple is not bothered about these issues, which is why they didn't "work" on them, but wore the outfits and shades that THEY wanted.

    So let me end as I started, people are definitely entitled to their opinions, and can express them. But it's just unfortunate when we express them against the background of those negative concepts that we keep saying we want to tear down because they are obsolete.

  16. @Abdul, it wasnt distasteful to have linked Paula with Kojo. That was what brought Paula to the limelight in the first instance-dating Kojo. She might not like it now that she's married but sure she liked the 'tag' when she dated Kojo!!!

    People are entitled to their stereotyped criticisms... The internet also makes such criticisms more obvious. Just note that hundreds of years to come, such stereotypes will still be in Africa.

    I want to believe the people that gave gistmaster the gist know the couple personally and were at the Dubai wedding. Dont know what you mean the picture didnt do them justice... Even if it were to be a portrait, their looks will still show.

    The people who talked about their outfits probably expected more from them...

    Finally, both of them need to work on their marriages for it to work; age difference or not.

  17. i want to wish the new couple a happy married life. congratulations

  18. They look great together.
    Beautiful wedding dress, fine couple.
    The bouquet is also "wow".
    Happy married life.

  19. [...] of her boss. Banke did the inauguration make up but she travelled to Dubai for the wedding of Solape Agagu and Brian Hammond in Dubai. So, she delegated the [...]

  20. @Kadijat

    Firstly, the article refers to how the couple know Paula. Putting it in that context, I strongly "suspect" that the fact that she's Brian's sister as well as Solape's friend is "a little bit" more relevant. But that's only my opinion.

    I'd like to believe that gistmaster sources are indeed "authentic", but perhaps gistmaster can go back to those "sources", and confirm whether Brian is actually younger than Solape...

    I know the couple personally, and have seen other pictures from the event, which form the basis of my comment.

    Re: the outfits, fair enough.

    I totally agree with your last comment. That should be the focus. Everyone who's married or plans to needs to be prepared to work at it to succeed.

  21. @Abdul

    Yes, Paula is Brian's sister and Solape's friend. But who is Paula to people who read society gists??? Then Kojo's name comes in. Even in Hollywood, stars are linked to their exes.

    Was a divorcee before I remarried and used to feel embarassed when people linked me to my ex. But I've gotten over that..., afterall it's true I was once married him!

    Since you know them all, it might be embarassing to Paula to be linked to an ex; not too good in Africa!!! But hey, she has to prove she's more than her dates in her marriage.

    Don't know Brian, nor Solape. My hubby is related to Paula's mother in law-an Ondo connection.

    You know people make assumptions about other people's facts. That accounts for the age error. Gistmaster should have confirmed from more authentic sources.

    Ages, exes, wedding outfits, wedding guests, wedding venues are irrelevant compared to their efforts in making the marriage work.

    Best of luck to Brian and Solape. Hope to jam them someday...

  22. @Abdul, i sense you're bitter with kojo. Then you admire the couple's wedding, you dont understand why they should be criticised.

    @Kadijat, love your outspoken nature. You've truly experienced life!

    @Solape and Brian, happy married life. Dont let side talks distract your new marriage.

  23. Brian is older than Cecil, Paula and his bride solape. His suit was blue! Get your facts straight!


  24. Guys get your facts right. Brian is Cecil Hammonds ELDER brother. Brian is NOT 31...he's 35.

  25. For those who feel a woman should be younger than her husband must be interesting all probably fall into the category that feels a man should be taller than his wife, more established, more good looking, lighter complexioned....mscheeuw!

    As if happiness in marriage is a certainty with all these nonsense conditions...

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  27. @Truth, Vince - Exactly what I have been saying!

    @Kadijat - I think we are better aligned now. Your response and conclusion is more like it, and makes it clear that all the points and issues that were brought up are really irrelevant.

    @Rike - Kojo is actually a good friend, his mum and mine went to school together...and my dad worked with his at the UN. So, I am definitely not "bitter" with Kojo... I just thought and still feel that her relationship with the bride and groom was more pertinent to the article than her relationship to Kojo. But that's just my view.

    Also, I didn't say the couple shouldn't be criticised, I did say that people are entitled to their opinions. I just expressed my sadness that we were still making references and basing comments on archaic concepts.

  28. Age does not make you the Head of a household, maturity, wisdom, patience, tolerance, kindness, vision and a list of qualities you clearly haven't experienced in a man does. As it turns out Brian is older than Solape, so how do you feel now with your ignorant judgements? Marrying a man just because he is older is wrong, supposing he turns out to be a wife beater, a drunk, a sex addict or a number of other terrible things you cannot predict? Sarah, I advise you engage your brain and associate with people because of their qualities instead of these shallow reasons and stop worrying about society. A society that doesn't pay your bills!!!

  29. @Abdul, even if you arent bitter with Kojo; you still feel Paula shouldn't be linked to Kojo!!! Especially when talking about her family and friends. But people will always link her to Kojo-moreso Kojo (mean the Annan) is a bigger name in Africa; and they dated for real!!!

    Better for Paula to live with being linked to Kojo silently, as more defences will even make more people pay attention and talk about it.

    As Kadija said, Paula should prove herself well in marriage so her husband and her husband's family won't see her as a left over of Lagos big boys!!! I was at Paula''s wedding reception to represent a boss and people there and there linked her to Kojo while she was dancing with her hubby that evening!!!

    Basing comments on individual tastes is a universal concept. May God help us all!

  30. @Wow, I'd rather ignore the rude remarks of a faceless wow that you are as am truly Sarah and have a name to protect!!!

  31. Nigerians can talk!!!

    The face that solape and Brian can afford more glamourous outfits and still chose simple ones means their personality is simple. Moreso, Solape's ex-governor father need no flamboyancy at this stage of his political career!

    With our level of education, a younger or younger looking groom should not be an issue. As long as the couple flow and have many other things in common, then cool!

    People should not get insultive while posting comments. We can all be polite in driving home our points and defenses!

    I am a cousin to Paula's husband... Only a few men marry the women they deflower but mentioning Paula's ex is not good for my cousin's ego. Also gives a negative impression of our wife to we her in-laws!!!

  32. Gosh the comments here are just too silly and shows how narrow minded and jealous Nigerians are. What business is it of yours if she is older -You dont want her to marry? And her dress being simple?-i was stunned at the glam and beauty of it.

    Bad bele people, you just wish you were in her shoes.

    Ohis babe, you should be used to insultive comments by now...not just from this but other blogs.

  33. So ekeinde's wife paula really rocked lagos... and she looked and spoke so innocently on her wedding day in January.

    Brian and his wife fit each other, happy married life to them.

  34. Paula being tagged as kojo's ex in marriage is a lesson to all these so-called Lagos big gals who flaunt their dates with the so-called big boys... Pls, flaunt a big name if only you're sure of a real engagement!!!
    I can imagine how embarrassed Ekeinde and his parents will be... It kinda gives a negative vibe about Paula Hammond-Ohiwerei.

  35. For the love of God, people should just comment without insulting other commentators... We're all free to comment on the story.

    The bride looks older truly, makes it easy to just assume she's older. The bride's outfit is ok, but the groom's isn't good enough for a groom.

    Mr. Ohiwerei is an upright man, please don't drag his name into a messy past of his daughter-in-law. So Paula looking innocent means she's innocent? It's all these innocent looking girls that are most corrupt! Ekeinde, sorry for the distasteful feeling of knowing the guy that rocked your wife!

    For the Kojo Annan who rocked all the Lagos girls, am waiting for your "gold bride".

  36. Na wa for you people o! It's because of this kind of embarrassment that Paula kept her wedding private... Now the story has deviated from Solape and Brian and become that of Paula and Kojo. I won't be surprised if people start to mention other names as exes of Paula. It's Ekeinde I feel for most, I wonder how a church broh like him ended up with Lagos big boys ex; if not for the fact that their fathers are friends!

  37. I was just searching for latest news on Gov Agagu when I came upon this story.... I had to grab pop corn to enjoy all the comments, infact the comments tell the story in more details.

    The couple look good together, and seem to be quite simple too. Gov Agagu does not even need 'owambe' party now. Happy married life Solape and Brian. They also seem to have clean records based on the comments.

    Good that those complaining about the initial age difference between the couple mellowed down when those that know the couple personally cleared that confusion.

    Naijas will always misbehave by being so abusive, unnecesarily defensive and taking things too personal while if we all get paid for commenting!!!

    Sincerely, it is not good for the Paula to be described as Kojo's ex...worse for her that she is married. That kinda news is not good for Paula's hubby, Annan is a famous name and each time he hears it in the news...he imagines the Paula/Kojo time! Kai!!!

    For Christ's sake, if you know Paula's other exes, be quiet... Thank you. For those who do not know, she was Kojo's ex-girlfriend/live in lover for years. Some might think she was his ex-wife.

    So Paula's hubby is born again, pele oh with the bigz galz with innocent look and voice you ended up with. Funny, the Kojo will end up with a 'truly fresh and not passed around' gal. That's life!!!'

  38. But Lily,why is it a problem for you and others that she looks older than the groom? As for her gown being simple, guess you guys must love something wildly elaborate....i guess beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.

  39. @Cece, that's our own opinion and your anger won't change it! Yes, I love flamboyancy in everything.


    Brian looks younger because he's not a tall man. His suit is also not too good as a groom, that shade of blue is one kain. Solape's dress is ok.

    So Paula made her wedding private so her escapades within a circle will be hidden. The ekeinde guy must have thought she was being simple.

  41. Im not hun, its just sad to see how people mock at the progress of their fellow human beings.....but too bad for you lot.....a handsome young dude like that still chose an older woman as his life partner.....she must have something the younger chicks in his past don't have, don't you think

  42. Cece, people who know the couple personally said Brian is older...

    The comments are now moving to gists about Paula, Kojo and Ekeinde. More interesting than the couple's wedding, abeg I need more...

  43. Yes cece, she has access to her father's govt funds! The hammonds didnt get super international Annan, but got a local Agagu!!!

  44. Am so ashamed of bro Ekeinde... Not saying he should've married a 'v' but a lady who was a live in lover to a playboy must have gone far!!! Noticed the Paula didn't look like a happy bride I expected... But her voice sounded innocent. Ohiwerei is a local name compared to her international aim Annan.

    A lesson for me to investigate my brothers' girlfriends well before marriage!

  45. @Gbeborun, sorry to burst your bubble....don't give a hoot about the new gist.

    @Lily,had to laugh out loud when i read your comment, you are quite troublesome oh!

  46. Cece, you looked for my trouble!!!
    You made me voice out what I didn't want to say. Ok, sorry oh.

  47. OMG!!! This is appaling.

    What if Paula nee Hammond was a live in lover with a known playboy for years? She probably wanted and thought the relationship would lead to marriage.

    So Ekeinde is a church brother and must marry a church sister? You all have no idea what traits Ekeinde values in Paula, so keep your holier than thou attitude to yourselves.

    What if Paula insisted they had a private wedding? It could be an extension of her meek ways; or she has changed from the wild life she lived with Mr Playboy Kojo.

    And the fact that Paula is meek shows she's an angel with only a clean record? Very funny.

    Only a few people in the world will become governors, etc. So if people who are not as famous as they are marry them/their children, they married them for the fame? As if they do not have good traits people will love outside their fame.

    Finally, let the man who hath no sin throw the first stone!!!

  48. All you haters..shut the freak up! i repeat, shut up and die by fire (MFM style) geez leave the chic alone. i know one too many older nigerian (yoruba men) , their late 40s who wanted to marry Solape and she leave her let her be. u thinki she is desperate, leave her biko. geez! damn enemies of guys say the most embarassing thing. when she was single, you guys mocked her, now she is married una still dey beef...damn bitter hateful folks! Solape is an educated beautiful confident lady. she could have gotten any man she wanted and she got the one she truly wanted...bunch of losers!

  49. Don't we all have exes? is it Paula's fault tha kojo is a male slut? no? she dated him hoping for the best and just like anything else, not all relationships lead to marriage so once again, whats the beef here?

  50. Hey Frankie_jeje, wrong of you to call kojo a slut.
    Fine, he sampled paula like he did to many others and didnt like her enough to be a wife!!! Maybe you should ask paula her traits that put kojo off.

  51. Sisi Eko in LondonJuly 19, 2011 at 12:37 PM

    Omolade and Frankie Jeje are just one person, probably Paula or someone close to her.
    Paula and her supporters, you had all keep shut... Paula has lots of escapades and don't let us start to wash her dirty linen in public.

  52. For the love of God, you guys shouldn't wash paula's dirty linen in public. Pleeeez........ So you don't embarrass pastor mr and pastor mrs Ohiwerei who her paula's parents in law.

  53. I think it's really sad that we spend our time gossiping about other people and putting them down. When we as people should spend time building each other up. Whoever manages this site should not encourage such nonsense on a website. A website that allows people to say such negative comments about other people without being factual. As a website manager u should delete comments that are inappropriate or insulting to innocent people who just happened to get married because they love each other. This is pathetic people! Get a life! Stop being envious of other people's happiness and look for your own source of happiness.

  54. but the only reason keke and cecil got married was because she got pregnant for him.

  55. cecil and keke also kept their wedding private cuz keke was obviously pregnant - and everyone knows keke was the neighbourhood slut before finally trapping cecil... this hammond family sha...

  56. am outta here....too hot for comfort...gush

  57. Great work, a great blog. MHJ

  58. A lot of you on this post talk trash!!!!! First and foremost, Brian is older than Cecil and hes not an Engineer. Secondly, hes obviously older than his wife and thirdly you all mind your business!!


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