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Life Changing Story of Helping Hands International (H2i)

Helping hands international (H2i) is an NGO an empowerment-based- membership program, a global opportunity born out of the passion for total human capacity development and for helping the less privileged in the society and world at Large.

Experience our beautiful world, as helping HANDS International gives you the definite touch that you need for the indefinite empowerment of yourself and the people around you. H2i objective is not only to empower your life but also to work with its help partners and through them for the empowerment of others - by simply recommending H2i to your loved ones (Family and friends) for help and empowerment.

Helping hands international was founded by Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis and Dr. Ramiel Policarpio in Philippines but came into Nigeria in December, 2013.


My vision is to help the helpless and empower the weak. Helping Hands International (H2i) is my vision and with it we shall change the world, one at a time. Yes! You and I can change the world. You and I can and will make it happen for others. Our contributions, no matter how small are enough. For what you think is small might be what the next door neighbour needs to move to the next level. No matter how poor you think you are, you are rich enough to give a helping Hands, for help is not all about money. There are virtues more valuable than money and we all are endowed in one way or the other with them! Together let’s give a helping Hands! As affirmed by Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis

Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. H2i operates as a catalyst to ensure you meet the “right” people to include in your network and expand your sphere of influence.
HELPING HANDS INTL (H2i) is the best of its kind, it is changing lives, it is touching lives, it is empowering people and above all it is putting money in people’s pockets on a daily basis and for early retirement in life. Grab this dream of a lifetime by joining H2i today.
With the state of the economy today, organizations and parastatals are cutting down budgets and jobs are no longer guaranteed. It becomes devastating when you are retrenched from your job and left with no option but to start from the scratch. But with a plan B in place u find yourself smiling while others are grieving.
Helping hands international (h2i) is your best bet for a Plan B and way to financial freedom. Do what your generation will forever thank you for.
The uniqueness of h2i:
·         No products to sell like other MLM
·         The registration/donation you make will not break a bank
·         No timeline and target.
·         Your success depends on you alone.
·         You invest in naira and earn in dollars.
·         There is no location barrier to been a help partner.
Our partners are Glo, HP, Apple, Diamond bank, GAC motors and Hyundai motors.
Don't wait to fall a victim of retrenchment before u start looking for a Plan B. It's never too late to start now. With a one-off donation of N6, 600, you are empowered by the system to empower others.
For further enquiries and for registration whatsapp these numbers 08065490300, 08173471300.


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